Below is the website for my Game Server Hosting hobby.

Monique Dennis Personal Website

Below is the website I made for my sister to showcase some of her artwork and Jewelry Wraps. I did most of the design, she did the copy.

Cardistry Website

Below is a website made from scratch as part of a project. The site is based around the niche community of cardistry.

Vivus SVG Animated Website

The below website is using the Vivus.js plugin to animate my SVG Vectors.

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Website Mockup

This is an animation of the design process using the 960 grid layout for a class project in College. This is loosely based on the Monstercat design philosophy/style and colors. Below is an animated gif of the design process which only supports 256 colors. Click "View Full Image" on the right to see the final product in all it's glory.