I enjoyed viewing and studying the videos everybody presented in class. I wish I could have shown my video alongside everybody else's, but I ran into some extreme technical issues which caused me to miss the deadline (even though it was extended). Since I have experience in the field of video and audio editing I took a technical approach to my notes which may come across as nit-picking. These videos are all awesome and unique when compared to each other. There were some really interesting techniques that were being experimented with - some worked and some didn't. Here are the notes I have for 10 of the videos:

Warren: Opposite Days

  • Great use of natural sound and foley
  • Nice use of overlays
  • Great continuity
  • Awesome composition in clips
  • Awesome contrast between city/ nature
  • The speed ramping can be made smoother by using animation curves


Ivan: Synthetic

  • Great use of POV gopro
  • What is the meaning behind not being able to identify different objects?
  • Green text on  greenish background sometimes hard to see
  • Transitions worked well, however I would have like to see more glitching
  • Possible issues with slow pace avoided with good cuts (crisis averted)

Herman: Wilting

  • Dialog somewhat hard to hear/ understand
  • Need room tone to fill silent parts of the video
  • Perhaps try experimenting with a pop filter while recording voice-over to stop plosives
  • Some nice shots; liked low-angle trimming of flowers

Margaret: Anxiety

  • Great Compositions
  • Some weird jump cuts (broken continuity)
  • Abrupt ending
  • Wish you had different focal-length lenses rather than being stuck with a gopro

Callan: Senses of Spring

  • Some shots are a bit slow, but match the pace of the music
  • Crossfade transitions tend to make it feel even slower
  • Nice shots and compositions, matching exposure nicely
  • Try using frame blending for frame interpolation (slow motion)
  • Nice, tight-knit vingette story

Kandice: Sameness

  • Some shots last a bit too long (linger)
  • Nice Bokeh and Depth-of-Field
  • Awesome object transitions
  • Good job color-grading
  • Audible auto-focus and wind in some clips
  • Love the clock transitions w/ foley

Hannah: Man made nature

  • Nice exposure and compositions
  • Camera pans are very smooth
  • Good use of software stabilization
  • Great story progression, very intuitive and easy to follow
  • abrupt ending






James: barnyard Animals

  • Audible wind sound
  • Sound leveling/ normalization and mastering can help with changes in volume
  • Some shots linger for extremely long amounts of time. The video can be trimmed down massively, try finding 'moments' and trim around them
  • Repeated shots tend to leave the audience wanting for something new
  • Some clips are different sizes, this can be fixed by scaling the different formats to be compatible
  • Near the middle of the video there is some weird glitchy effect that seems out of place and I don't understand why it's there. Was it intentional? What is the meaning behind it?

Evan: Windy Winter climb

  • Great medium to tell a story just by having the viewer reveal portions of a static image over time
  • Wind is quite loud, but since it's normalized this is a non-issue because people can change their volume
  • Awesome painting

Edison: Something new

  • Great start to the video
  • Beautiful shots and compositions
  • Nice narration (writing, recording, processing)
  • Perfect song choice for the first song
  • Pacing is almost flawless
  • Mid-section (second song) is a bit slower paced and lingers a tiny bit
  • Thank you for using tasteful transitions
  • Perfect ending