Thinking back to early adolescence, I never really understood what it meant to be human, or what importance life had. I had a hard time getting motivation to go through school and complete simulated work for no clear end-cause. 

Over the years, I have been discovering more about myself than I even knew. I feel more aware to the energies around me, even if I don't understand what they mean. Instead of just going through the flow of life the way I knew it, I now question everything that doesn't add up to my previous understandings in order to understand as much as I can. There have been ups and downs, but I now feel like I'm at a stable amount of understanding required to be 'successful' in life.

I constantly remind myself that: we as humans are a miracle that resulted from ideal conditions present on a planet that formed in a solar system on the far end of the Milky Way galaxy. We don't quite understand where we came from, or where we are going. I have a similar perspective on everyday life. I don't believe something just because someone else has those beliefs, even if they try to present evidence that may or may not be credible. Hence my agnostic views on religion. I respect the fact that people can believe in whatever they want to believe, but I may not believe in what they do or they might not believe in what I believe, and I'm ok with that. I think if the world adopted this respect, humans will spend less time trying to force corrupted beliefs on each other trying to justify our existence and we can focus on other, more important things like the progression of our species.

These are my current views. They might not be 'correct', but what is correct? If you're reading this, we probably started talking about this topic or something related to Renamon. You may not agree with some of the content in the rest of this webpage, please continue with an open mind.

So what is Renamon? What does it mean.

Renamon isn't quite what you might think it is. Please read on with an open mind as this might seem strange. Don't leave it at face value; Think about the meaning behind this connection. First, though,  you must have a basic understanding of Digimon.


"Digimon (デジモン Dejimon, branded as Digimon: Digital Monsters, stylized as DIGIMON), short for "Digital Monsters" (デジタルモンスター Dejitaru Monsutā), is a Japanese media franchise encompassing virtual pet toys, anime, manga, video games, films and a trading card game. The franchise focuses on Digimon creatures, which are monsters living in a "Digital World", a parallel universe that originated from Earth's various communication networks. In many incarnations, Digimon are raised by humans called "Digidestined" or "Tamers", and they team up to defeat evil Digimon and human villains who are trying to destroy the fabric of the Digital world.

The franchise was first created as a series of virtual pets, akin to—and influenced in style by—the contemporary Tamagotchi or nano giga pets toys. The creatures were first designed to look cute and iconic even on the devices' small screens; later developments had them created with a harder-edged style influenced by American comics. The franchise gained momentum with its first anime incarnation, Digimon Adventure, and an early video game, Digimon World. Several seasons of the anime and films based on them have aired, and the video game series has expanded into genres such as role-playing, racing, fighting, and MMORPGs. Other media forms have also been released." (Wikipedia)

So In a nutshell: Digimon is similar to Pokemon (If you're familiar) but even though both franchises are targeted towards children, Digimon has some very very adult themes and ideas. For example: Pokemon faint when defeated, Digimon die.


Renamon is one of the non-human characters from one of the animes that I have a deep interest in. This is the connection I previously mentioned The character design behind Renamon reflects some views and experiences from my own life.

"Renamon is an Animal Digimon whose name and design are derived from "Renard" (FraFox (Vulpes vulpes)). According to Chiaki J. Konaka's notes, Renamon was originally going to be named "Lunamon"(ルナモン). It has the appearance of a golden fox. Renamon is a Digimon whose relationship with humans is expressed bluntly, so depending on how it was raised during its time as an In-Training, it is said that it can digivolve to a Renamon of particularly high intelligence. As it is always calm, cool, and collected, it is practiced enough that it doesn't lose that composure in any situation. Its slender, tall appearance excels when compared with other Rookies, and rather than Power Battling, it makes sport of the enemy with various arts that use its speed." (Digimon Wikia)

"Renamon and it's digivolution forms are inspired from the Kitsune and other fox spirits of Asian myth. It is far more mature than the other Rookie Digimon, considering it's experience and it's jaded view on life. Renamon's feral features and penetrating icy blue eyes can make it seem quite intimidating, even when it does not mean to give that impression."(Digimon Wikia 2)


Below I will quickly list what other similarities (Psychological, Appearance/Physicality, Beliefs) that I found I share with this character.

  • Slender, tall appearance. Blue eyes, 'blonde' hair.
  • Reserved, doesn't express outward emotion very often.
  • Agile, meticulous movement, no unnecessary actions (High efficiency movement)
  • Powerful in the sense of speed as opposed to strength.
  • "As it is always calm, cool, and collected, it is practiced enough that it doesn't lose that composure in any situation."
  • Cold stare while idle. Seem quite intimidating, even when not meaning to give that impression.
  • Communicates in a clear and concise way. Not a fan for small talk, more interested in deep conversation with true meaning.
  • Deep interest in understanding the meaning behind existence.
  • Very aware of surroundings , very observant.

The down-side

I have found that the character design of Renamon is something I can resonate with. Nothing else I have found in entertainment media has intrigued me as much as this character. Now, to people that have heard about or know the character, this might sound very strange. The reason that might sound strange is because, this character in particular has been notoriously over-sexualized to a point where it's difficult to do any legitimate research without seeing fan-art of the character performing sex acts or revealing itself. The name and reputation of Renamon has been tainted by what the human mind innately finds attractive and what people have done to accentuate those features in fan art. While I was doing legitimate research trying to learn more about the character's values and psychology, I was plagued with this undesired content. People must be interested in this over-sexualized content or else it wouldn't exist. I don't mind the idea of Rule 34 of the internet "Generally accepted internet rule that states that pornography or sexually related material exists for any conceivable subject," but it's to a point where there's more porn of Renamon than legitimate fan-art. Also a lot of it is bad, like really, really bad.

Click image to see full size and link to original

What it all means

I guess if someone asked me what my spirit animal was, I would probably answer Renamon and show them this hidden page on my website, but there's also more to that. I will always have this interesting relationship with an imaginary being from some arbitrary japanese anime that aired in the US that one time and everyone made porn of that character, but I see the true meaning behind the character. I'm not the kind of person to share this with everyone; in other words, I'm comfortable keeping this to myself a majority of the time. I just wanted to write about what Renamon means to me so that the few times it comes up in conversation, I can share this web page to clear up any misconceptions in hopes that other people can appreciate the character the original creators hoped people would.

Which leads me to yet another point

It's almost as if the original creators are trying to forget that Renamon ever existed. For example, If you search the official twitter account associated with Digimon (@sabansdigimon) for the keyword "Renamon" there are literally 0 results. I should also mention that the twitter account has been active for years and has almost 2,000 tweets pertaining to Digimon. Arguably, one of the most interesting and misunderstood characters from the anime that could have been more successful than Pokemon , has been unofficially disowned. Hopefully I'm not as misunderstood or forgotten about in a similar fashion, considering how many other similarities I have with Renamon.

Doing your own research

If you are interested in learning more about Digimon or Renamon in particular, you have been warned. Even using filters to get rid of search results that contain unwanted content that detracts from the character, it's impossible to safely search without any showing up. Any official Digimon related media is completely safe, this is fan-art I'm talking about. If you're in a safe place and you don't mind some occasional flashes, I have created a button that makes a google search with a bunch of filters that removes as much of the negative fan-art possible. To re-iterate, you have been warned. There are some weird people on the internet and this is one of the topics that attracts a lot of those people.

Also, If you have absolutely nothing to do there's this 1 hour long video that dissects every relation with Rika and Renamon in the anime. From a storytelling standpoint, it's really interesting. Click Here

Talk about Renamon starts at 37:06 Click Here to skip to that part (There's a "funny gag" for the first 10 seconds of this section)